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Here are some past questions & answers:

According to a survey, men are apparently happier , healthier and generally more confident if he has THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: A sister!

1 out of 5 women say they would love to change THIS about their man. What is it?
ANSWER: His hair-style!

Almost half of women say that THIS food reminds them of their husbands. What is it?
ANSWER: Potato!

7 out of 10 women say they are more willing to kiss a guy on the first date if he does THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: Talks about his mom!

9 out of 10 men admit that they've done THIS to impress a woman. What is it? 
ANSWER: Sucked in their belly!

The average woman will do this 150 times a year; average men about 10 times....do what?
ANSWER: Check their horoscope!

The most common male profession in romance novels is a doctor. What's number two?
ANSWER: Cowboy!

A recent poll asked people to name the easiest job. THIS was #1. What is it?
ANSWER: Photographer!

A whopping 9 out of 10 men agree that THIS makes a woman more attractive! What?
ANSWER: Wears glasses!

If you're average , you'll stop doing THIS at the age of 31. What is it?ANSWER: Having birthday parties!

Fill in the blank! 1 in 10 women say that the best looking men are _________. What???
ANSWER: Italian!

If you do THIS at work, people will think that you are more important than you really are. What is it? 
ANSWER: Walk fast!

The average single man will do THIS 4 times a year. What it is?
ANSWER: Change the bed sheets!

According to a survey, THIS is the #1 pick up line. What is it??
ANSWER: "I forgot my phone number, can I have yours?"

1 in 10 men say that THIS ruined a perfectly good marriage proposal!
ANSWER: Bad weather!

Almost half of couples say they argue about THIS when in the car. What is it?
ANSWER: Where to park!

5% of us do THIS after a really bad day. What is it?? 
ANSWER: Eat mac & cheese!

Almost half of women have secretly done THIS to their partner. What is it?
ANSWER: Thrown out some of their clothing!

Half of us say that we have to get rid of THIS after a romantic split. What is it?
ANSWER: Their song!

3 out of 5 women say they feel sexy when they wear THIS! What is it? 
ANSWER: A football jersey!

2 out of 5 guys say they actually enjoy doing THIS but would never admit it. What is it?
ANSWER: Watching soap operas!

What is the #1 thing women said that men should NEVER wear? 
ANSWER: Leather pants!

Almost half of us have done THIS to improve our moods in the winter months. What is it?
ANSWER: Using a tanning bed!

Half of men say they experience THIS personal problem on a daily basis. What is it?
ANSWER: A wedgie!

A new study has revealed THIS is the where most arguments occur?
ANSWER: Parking lot!

A survey of workers were asked to name the #1 perk that would make them more willing to come to or stay with a company. What is it?
ANSWER: Half days on Fridays!

A recent survey of women say that men with THIS are better boyfriend material. What is it?
ANSWER: A beard!

4 out of 5 women won't go on a second date with a guy if he shows up with THIS on their 1st date. What is it?? 
ANSWER: A cold sore.

Almost half of all men admit they have done THIS while home alone.What is it? 
ANSWER: Try on women's clothes!

According to a recent survey, THIS is the "most offensive smell". What is it?
ANSWER: Wet dog!

Almost half of women have no desire to do THIS during the winter months. What is it?
ANSWER: Paint their toenails!

A new survey claims that THIS is the #1 thing that causes you the most stress at work. What??
ANSWER: Co-workers!

The older you get, the less you do THIS! What is it? 
ANSWER: Smile!

3 out of 4 people would dump a new boyfriend/girlfriend if they discovered THIS! What is it??
ANSWER: Bed bugs.

1 in 5 women say their significant other always complains about THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: How much money they spend getting their hair done.

1 in 4 guys say they won't date a woman who has 2 or more of these. What?

81% of people polled think members of THIS profession are honest, making it the most trusted of all in 2016.
ANSWER: Nurse!

This item is touched an average of 25 times before it is purchased.
ANSWER: Greeting card!THIS song is estimated

to be the best-selling single of all time. What?
ANSWER: White Christmas!

During the Christmas season, nearly 30 sets of THESE are sold every second. What?
ANSWER: Legos! 

This Christmas , most men will spend roughly $40 on THIS. What is it? 
ANSWER:  Lingerie!

Most women say that THIS is the most stressful part of the holidays. What is it?
ANSWER: Going to a holiday office party!

We've all heard of it , however 3 out of 5 us us have NEVER done it. What is it? 
ANSWER: Kiss under the mistletoe!

Almost half of all men say that they would LOVE to get this for Christmas! What is it? 
ANSWER: Hair-care products.


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